About the Farm

I established Happy Ending Farm in 2000, and we opened for business in 2002. I’ve been passionate about horses ever since I can remember, so creating and running this farm has been the realization of a lifelong dream.

The house was built around 1930 on a cattle farm, so the soil is very good. Packed with delicious plants like dandelion, clover, alfalfa, timothy, and orchard grass, my fields are like a salad bar for horses. I have 54 acres in all, with 4 large fields of about 10 acres each (and each with a run-in shed).

The barn has 12 stalls where the horses can retreat from the weather. In the winter, they spend their days in the field, and come in at night. In the summer, they do the reverse, and enjoy the cool of the barn's fans at the height of the days' heat.

Happy Ending Farm does it all! Boarding, breeding, breaking, R&R, lay-ups, you name it. Send your horses to me, and I'll return them to you healthier and happier than when they arrived. As a small operation, I give every horse individualized, quality, personal care.